Good offers for good candidates

Working for boo2 means working:
  • for a small, growing company with ambitions
  • with international customers and collegues
  • using latest developments and trends on software
  • in a professional, well-equiped office environment

We require:
  • Work during international business hours 13.00 / 14.00 starting
  • 8 hours a day
  • 5 days of the week Monday to Friday

We offer:
  • working in airconditioned, well -equiped office with western standards
  • comfortable ergonomic desk chairs
  • optional working from home for limited number of days
  • meals, travel and other reimbursements
  • we respect and support Prayer obligations
  • adjusted working timings during iftar
  • our salary is above local average

We use world best-in class professional tools.

Note that our employees engage in a contractual written agreement. This contract also states prohibite of any related working outside boo2.  

Since daily commute time can take much effort, we advice not to apply if your travel time to our Banasree office exceeds 50 mins average.

All candidates will be tested online during the selection process.

See our list of available jobs here.