Critical, accurate and perseverance female
CheckerYou will check webpages are pixel exactly as the original design for all browsers and platform combinations. Differences are to be reported one by one to the programmers. 

  • Check webpage as design using and similar tools (we provide)
  • Make clear screenpint with instructions for programmer
  • Check correction done by programmer


Critical, the webpage must be 100% as design. No compromis.
  • Accurate, sharp yes for noticing pixel-sharp differences
  • Perseverance and strong character. Only when 100% sign off. Can resist discussions with programmer
  • Communicative, clear english and instructions to programmer

It is our experience that female candidates are better for this job. Therefore we encourage female candidates to apply.
To stay critical this work will be done on different location as programmer. Working remotely is an option (from the home)

mail to apply